FAQ Social Elections 2024

In this section we have collected a number of frequently asked questions for you. Check this webpage regularly for new added questions!

1. Is it possible to conclude an agreement with the trade unions so that elections will not have to be organised?

2. Is it possible that a company with more than 50 but less than 100 employees will still have a Works Council?

3. Can a member of the high level executive personnel be a self-employed person?

4. Can trade unions file a complaint against their own candidate lists?

5. Can employees vote who are either absent or who do not work on the day of the elections?

6. Can there be an unlimited number of candidates?

7. Can candidates be witnesses?

8. Can employees vote with a pen in the colour of their choice?

9. Can a voter who has been listed on the voters’ list and who has received a ballot by post vote in person at the polling station on the day of the election?

10. Can an employer, at the time of the convocations, unilaterally change the opening hours of the polling station that were initially communicated at the time the information was given to the employees (on day X)?

11. Do social elections have to be organised on the same day or can the employer decide to organise them over several days?

12. When do employees enjoy specific dismissal protection?

13. Can employees who no longer work for the company on the day of the elections still vote?

14. Are employees obliged to vote?

15. Can temporary agency workers vote?


September 25, 2023

WEBINAR VIDEO | Help! The social elections 2024 are close now… so be fully prepared!

During this webinar, Philippe De Wulf , Esther Soetens, Thomas Gellaerts and Valérie Schouteden fill you in on the “ins and outs” of the social elections 2024.

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August 17, 2023

Help! The social elections 2024 are close now… so be fully prepared!

The next Social Elections will take place between 13 and 26 May 2024. If this period still seems far away, then a first set of written information should already be provided to the representative bodies and to the employees by as early as mid-December 2023 as a first step in the election procedure.

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