Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is an art form; and ALTIUS’ specialised in-house team has mastered this art. Focusing on negotiation and mediation rather than court proceedings is always the preferred path to resolution, but the team remains ready to go to court or arbitration when necessary.

ALTIUS Expertise

At ALTIUS, our emphasis is on resolution

Prevent and resolve is the core idea behind our team. Our experienced in-house dispute resolution team has long mastered the art of negotiation and mediation. That being said, our dedicated team is always ready to head to court or arbitration when necessary.

This highly specialised ALTIUS team lends a helping dispute-resolution ‘hand’ whenever and wherever needed. With its excellent reputation, our team has been involved in ground-breaking litigation in the EU courts as well as in highly complex cases in Belgium and for arbitration beyond its borders.

How we can help

(Cross border) debt recovery

(International) arbitration

Commercial litigation

Competition law issues in general litigation/arbitration

Corporate litigation

Finance-related litigation

Injunctions and emergency proceedings

Liability and insurance

Negotiation and mediation

Pre-litigation counselling and diligence

Private antitrust enforcement

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards (including against sovereign entities)

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Our Experts in
Dispute Resolution Law

  • Alexander Hansebout


  • Bart Heynickx


  • Christophe Ronse


  • Stijn Van Schel


Our Dispute Resolution team

Our latest dispute resolution news

January 09, 2024

Extension of the Belgian Reconciliation Procedure

Following the Act of 19 December 2023 (published on 27 December 2023), the legislator has introduced a reconciliation procedure in the commercial and labour courts as well as in the courts of appeal.

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May 30, 2023

The Arbitrability of Distributorship Law Disputes in Belgium: a reversal of case law

On 7 April 2023, the Belgian Cour de Cassation reversed its long standing case law and decided that (from now on) disputes concerning the termination of exclusive distribution agreements are eligible to be settled by arbitration.

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July 26, 2022

Are you accountable for any human rights violations in your value chain?

Even though Belgium is lagging behind when it comes to enacting specific legislation, companies doing business in Belgium should be aware of the risk of being held accountable for human rights violations or environmental pollution up or down their value chain.

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