Retail & Consumer Goods

A fast-moving mentality…

Belgium has always been known as a centre of trade. From the early Renaissance to modern times, raw materials, goods and services have been moving with ease from the Flemish ports to customers around the world. Locally, multinationals produce, sell and distribute everything from potato chips to sneakers.

…combines with a multi-cultural mindset

Managing all this top-notch infrastructure and international trade requires a serious mind for business. This is where ALTIUS’ multi-talented and multi-lingual experts can step in and help advise on all types of projects from distribution strategy to investment projects, cooperation agreements, retail space contracts, dispute resolution and competition issues.

How we can help


marketing and promotion


rules on unlawful contractual terms and conditions, abuse of economic dependence and unfair market practices


agreements (sale, lease, supply and purchase agreements, (selective) distribution, franchising, agency, joint venture agreements, commercial cooperation agreements, license agreements, OEM agreements, (joint) development agreements, etc.)


and regulatory issues


consumer claims


recovery of (distressed) debt and insolvency


protection and e-commerce


resolution, including class actions, product liability, recall and tort liability


and labour relations


and brand protection issues


joint ventures, strategic alliances and corporate structures

Real estate

and property matters (acquisition and commercial leases)

Our experts in
Retail & Consumer Goods law

  • Alexander Hansebout


  • Lieven Peeters


  • Carmen Verdonck


Our latest retail & consumer goods news

May 30, 2023

The Arbitrability of Distributorship Law Disputes in Belgium: a reversal of case law

On 7 April 2023, the Belgian Cour de Cassation reversed its long standing case law and decided that (from now on) disputes concerning the termination of exclusive distribution agreements are eligible to be settled by arbitration.

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March 14, 2023

WEBINAR VIDEO | The N°1, healthy, rich in learning webinar about claims

During this session, Mathieu Maniet, François Lambert and Karel Martens discuss the rules for No. 1 claims, cosmetic claims and health and nutrition claims, and give you an overview of the most important issues as well as practical guidelines.

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February 28, 2023

The N°1, healthy, rich in learning webinar about claims

Is your product a No.1 seller? Good for your health or rich in fiber? Does it contain no parabens? Do you want to shout it loudly from the rooftops or at least on your packaging?

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