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The food chain and the legal world aren’t that far apart. The art of eating well has a lot to do with food safety, and not surprisingly, this is thanks to the law. The food and beverage industry follows strict health and safety rules as well as labelling and advertising regulations, and agricultural production and international trade laws.

As seasoned experts in the field, the team at ALTIUS can help with everyday questions about labelling, import regulations and product qualification. Our cross-expert team can assist with contract and distribution and franchising issues as well as international trade concerns and much more.

How we can help

Intellectual property

EU and Belgian regulatory affairs

Agricultural law


Corporate and M&A

Consumer protection

Designations of origin and geographical indications

Dispute resolution

Food safety

Inspections and withdrawal of products

Labelling and advertising

Product liability

Environmental law

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  • Philippe de Jong


  • Olivier Vrins


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