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From Industry 5.0 to AI…

The digital revolution just happened; and it is not only online shopping and streaming services. Digital seeps into everything from your medical files to all the tools enabling WFH.

…and everything in between

From digital twins to Industry 5.0 to AI, there is no escaping digitalization. The digital impact of ever-changing technology applies to everyone from consumers with questions about the new metaworlds and their privacy rights to corporate executives concerned about the new rules of WFH and online corporate life. At ALTIUS, our experienced digital and tech team takes pride in being one step ahead in the fast-moving world of digital law.

How we can help

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • What are Al’s legal implications for e-recruitment, automated credit rating or insurance decisions?
  • What are the key issues in your business process automation contracts (such as logistics and supply chain management)?
  • Does product liability apply to the acts of an artificially intelligent product or entity?


  • How can you monitor your employees’ use of the Internet?
  • What are your obligations in the event of a security incident?
  • What are the steps to take if your company has been the victim of cybercrime (such as tech support scams, phishing or hacking)?


  • How to align this technology with data protection rules?
  • How to finance your public blockchain or cryptocurrency project through an ICO?
  • How can blockchain help you to manage digital rights?
  • Can you patent or otherwise protect your blockchain invention? If so, how can you enforce your patent?

Internet of Things

  • How to manage the complex contractual set-up?
  • How to comply with telecoms rules in the context of machine-to-machine communications?
  • How to comply with the rules governing personal and non-personal data?

Cloud computing

  • What arrangements should you make when outsourcing your customer’s data to a cloud provider?
  • How to guarantee effective consumer protection in this digital environment?

Sharing economy

  • How can you legally set-up a platform to share resources (e.g. real estate)?
  • What is the liability of platforms for the services shared by their users?

3D printing

  • How to enforce IP rights in this context?


  • How can you legally use drones?
  • To what extent can you record images of private and public areas?

Our experts in
Digital & Technology law

  • Gerrit Vandendriessche


  • Jérôme Vermeylen


  • Jan Clinck


Our latest digital & technology news

July 17, 2024

Hacking NIS2: 5 innovations about the sequel to the EU’s cybersecurity framework

NIS2 (the second “Network and Information Systems Directive”) is an updated regulatory framework introduced by the European Union to strengthen cybersecurity across member states. It is a successor to the original NIS Directive, which was adopted in 2016.

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April 04, 2024

The Act of 19 March 2024 gives new powers to the Belgian Competition Authority to support the European Commission’s competences under the Digital Markets Act

The Act primarily grants more powers to the BCA to improve its efficiency and allow it to adequately support the EC when the latter applies and enforces the DMA.

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March 08, 2024

WEBINAR VIDEO | Digital Law Series #22

During this session, Gerrit Vandendriessche and  Pierre Antoine guide you through the most important updates in the Digital law world.

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