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Bart Willems
Business is always personal

We believe business is always personal. That’s why we’re so much more than just great lawyers: we are team players and relationship builders. Combining legal excellence with passion, optimism, and good judgement, we bring a fresh perspective and genuine commitment to our clients. Whatever your challenge, we think differently about legal to find the right ideas together.

We do legal differently

Our bold ideas and open mindset make us different. The key to our success is our commitment to each other and our clients. We go the extra mile, and we aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Open to bold ideas

It is our openness and diversity that makes us different. Easy-to-talk-to and multi-lingual experts in our respective fields, our razor-sharp lawyers handle legal challenges quickly, skilfully and smoothly. No matter if it is a simple legal question by email or a more complex case requiring a team, at ALTIUS, we find the solution that is best for you and your business.

ALTIUS: an unconventional law firm

At ALTIUS, we do legal differently. Our business is always personal, our ideas are bold, and our keen minds are always open to different ways of thinking. Some might call it unconventional, but we believe your legal challenge deserves to be treated with expertise, experience and passion. A bold idea, it is what you’d expect from a firm like ALTIUS.

Trust. It is what we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental sustainability, social well-being and a thriving community… at ALTIUS, we strive to align our operations with these core values. A dedicated sustainability task force, composed of staff and lawyers, pushes our engagement forward, inspiring everyone in the team to contribute.

Any questions?
Do you need legal advice?

At ALTIUS, we look at your business from two different angles: legal
practice and industry sector. Our teams of specialised lawyers are
additionally grouped into dedicated, cross-specialty, industry-focused
teams. Whether you are looking for a dedicated legal specialist or a
team of industry insiders, at ALTIUS, we got your legal issue covered.

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