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Altius: Open minds, bold idea
That’s why we’re so much
more than great lawyers.


An independent Belgian law firm, ALTIUS knows the Belgian and European legal scene inside-out. Pragmatic, professional and personal, every lawyer on the 90-plus team brings their own brand of passion and expertise to the job at hand. At ALTIUS, we do legal differently. Going the extra mile and challenging the status quo is the way we work with every colleague, client and business partner. Our service is unique in today’s legal space. Open minds and bold ideas – that’s what makes us so much more than great lawyers.

Carmen Verdonck

The ALTIUS Difference

Kirian Claeyé
Business is always personal

We believe business is always personal. Our group of highly specialised lawyers and industry experts are ready to help whatever your legal challenge.

A great vibe

Forget about formal, the team at ALTIUS prides itself on its open approach. From the trainees to the partners to the clients, everyone is part of the team.

Open minds & Bold ideas

Doing legal differently means challenging the status quo. It means a refreshing openness to the new and different. Another perspective? A surprising idea? It’s what we do every day.

Not legal as usual

Expertise and experience are key to interpreting the law. As insiders within the Belgian and European legal scenes, our lawyers will find the best legal paths, backed by solid legal advice and suited to your precise needs.

Trust. It is what we do.

Niche Expertise
Rich Experience

Truly a different perspective
At ALTIUS, we look at your business from two different angles: legal practice and industry sector. Our teams of specialised lawyers are additionally grouped into dedicated, cross-specialty, industry-focused teams. Whether you are looking for a dedicated legal specialist or a team of industry insiders, at ALTIUS, we have your legal issue(s) covered.


The past few years have been quite challenging for the international financial world from a legal perspective. Helping our clients adapt to the moving legal landscape and navigate and anticipate the financial markets’ fast-changing regulations is our core area of expertise with a focus on three main sectorsareas of activities: finance and capital transactions, investment funds and regulatory advice to financial institutions.

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It takes a certain type of lawyer to work up the right contract. The ALTIUS team has the experience and expertise to make your business a success in commercial and contractual matters.

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Competition law is a labyrinth. Whether you are David or Goliath, sound legal advice is mission-critical when entering the ‘battlefield’ with your competitors or negotiating with your suppliers or customers. Our experts are ready and waiting to clarify the fine print and take up your defence in Belgian and EU competition law matters.

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ALTIUS offers solid expertise in M&A and corporate law. Known for a fast, hands-on and personal service, our specialists assist a wide range of corporate clients, private equity funds, financial institutions and entrepreneurs on both domestic and cross-border transactions, and across a broad spectrum of corporate matters.

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Dispute Resolution is an art form; and ALTIUS’ specialised in-house dispute resolution team has mastered this art. Focusing on negotiation and mediation rather than court proceedings is always the preferred path to resolution, but the team remains ready to go to court or arbitration when necessary.

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Employment law in Belgium has more facets than an Antwerp diamond. Our very experienced employment team helps SMEs and multinationals as well as executive-level employees navigate complex and constantly changing employment regulations. True partners, our lawyers offer practical solutions to reduce possible legal risks and keep you focused on more important tasks.

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As the capital of Europe, Brussels offers its own blend of financial capital excellenceinstitutions. Our team of dedicated specialists support financial players from larger financial institutions to electronic payment corporationscompanies as well as insurersthe private and social insurance sectors.

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The tech community is always one step ahead of the game. Driving cutting-edge innovation at the forefront of technology brings new questions and concerns to the table. The ALTIUS ICT team is always ready to help with everything from data protection to the ever-changing laws of the Internet.

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When things go wrong, we can help to set the situation straight. From payment issues, international recovery to financial and operational restructuring, we support your company by balancing the legal, commercial and strategic risks when it comes to insolvency issues.

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Intellectual Property is big business. From patents, trademarks and trade secrets to geographical indications to copyright in song lyrics and books, gaming and software, a company’s or start-up’s IP is a crucial asset. Protecting and nurturing this asset is what our highly specialised Intellectual Property experts do for our clients.

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The world of life sciences revolves around a continuous cycle of growth. In-depth specialists, our multi-disciplinary team offers technical, regulatory and transactional expertise throughout the pharmaceutical, agricultural and food sectors. ALTIUS clients include innovators in the pharmaceutical industry as well as hospitals, private equity investors, and leaders in the dental and veterinary segments.

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Extensive experience spells success in the world of private equity. Our experts work with international and domestic private equity firms, venture capital funds, niche real estate funds, senior debt and mezzanine providers and equity fund investors as well as management teams seeking independent legal advisors.

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Our Belgian and EU procurement legal experts are committed to the contract so to speak. Advising on tenders, contracting authorities, procurement law and litigation, at ALTIUS we take procurement matters very seriously as do our clients.

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The face of real estate is constantly changing. For our team of experts, working through the real estate lifecycle is one of its many tasks. From investment to structuring, from urbanisation issues and disputes to hotel development to new real estate economies like “dark or ghost” kitchen development, nothing is too daunting for their legal minds.

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The crème de la crème when it comes to EU regulations in the fields of food & beverages and life sciences. From plant varieties protection producs to geographical indications (GI) or traditional terms for wine and data protection for medicines, this team of EU regulatory and IP super specialists makes sure your product is protected and compliant.

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Our dedicated network with Tiberghien, ATFIELD, is renowned in the sports industry for its highly specialised and independent legal and tax advice.

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Beyond what you expect from your law firm

Local issue? Regional questions? International issue?

Yes, please!

Corporate clients

Larger companies and multinationals count on our legal expertise to enhance existing in-house legal counsel.

ALTIUS as your behind-the-scenes legal partner

Our legal teams help large Belgian companies and local offices of multinationals navigate the Belgian and EU legal scenes.

Small-to-medium businesses

Small-to-medium-sized companies need a different approach to legal services, which is why so many SMEs in Belgium trust us with their day-to-day legal needs.

ALTIUS as your trusted legal advisor

Small family companies and start-ups don’t usually need a big legal team. That is why ALTIUS can easily tailor the right service to the right need.


Belgium is a diverse country, which can be mind-bogglingly complex to outsiders. We help foreign law firms and other international organisations with our insider knowledge of the Belgian legal scene.

ALTIUS as your Belgian legal guide

The regional and linguistic complexity of Belgium can be confusing to an outsider. We support foreign law firms and international organisations who need a legal insider in Brussels.


July 19, 2024

Deepfakes in the music industry: Will the AI Act change the tune?

The emergence of deepfake technology, particularly within the music industry, has sparked significant debate and concern. Deepfakes, which are synthetic media generated using AI to replicate and/or manipulate a known artist’s likeness and/or voice, have the potential to revolutionise the music industry.

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July 17, 2024

Hacking NIS2: 5 innovations about the sequel to the EU’s cybersecurity framework

NIS2 (the second “Network and Information Systems Directive”) is an updated regulatory framework introduced by the European Union to strengthen cybersecurity across member states. It is a successor to the original NIS Directive, which was adopted in 2016.

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We believe business is always personal. That’s why we’re so much more than just great lawyers: we are team players and relationship builders. Combining legal excellence with passion, optimism, and good judgement, we bring a fresh perspective and genuine commitment to our clients. Whatever your challenge, we think differently about legal to find the right ideas together.

Carmen Verdonck