Real Estate, Construction & Environment

The face of real estate is constantly changing. For our team of experts, working through the real estate lifecycle is one of its many tasks. From investment to structuring, from urbanisation issues and disputes to hotel development to new real estate economies like “dark or ghost” kitchen development, nothing is too daunting for their legal minds.

It is not just space; it is what you do with it

Real estate is a long term (if not more) investment. At ALTIUS, we support our clients with their real estate transactions, structures, developments and redevelopments, or as they work through the real estate lifecycle from demolition, construction and renovation to leasing and new project development. Our Real estate team can help you with setting up the right legal structure for your real estate needs. We are the ideal team member when you are investing, restructuring or divesting in real estate. Our team covers complex and small real estate issues from day-to-day urbanization issues and disputes to developments and new real estate structures.

Nothing is too daunting for the legal minds at ALTIUS when it comes to the complex world of real estate transactions and structuring including divestitures, sale and leaseback, and development contracts. Our team also advises on soil clean-up issues, waste disposal and nuisance issues where the legislation can vary between the three Belgian regions.

How we can help


real estate transactions (share – asset – PPP)


in set-up of joint-ventures and real estate structures


and negotiating construction and turn-key contracts




set-up of sale-and-leaseback, leasing, reconverting split-sale


pre- and post-transaction environmental advice


real estate, construction and permits disputes


on issues regarding soil clean-up, waste disposal, nuisance


(environmental) permit processes

Environmental law

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Our Experts in
Real Estate, Construction and Environment Law

  • Lieven Peeters


  • Caroline De Mulder


Our latest real estate, construction & environment news

October 01, 2021

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March 18, 2021

Real Estate Recovery: Bouncing back after the global pandemic

In the Virtual Round Table Series by IR Global, our expert Lieven Peeters joins the discussion on the future of real estate after the global pandemic.

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March 08, 2021

Nitrogen crisis in Flanders? A recent judgment may have serious consequences

On 25 February 2021, the Flemish Council for Permit Disputes annulled a permit for the construction and operation of two large-scale poultry barns. But what does this judgment mean for further economic development in Flanders?

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