Competition law is a labyrinth. Whether you are David or Goliath, sound legal advice is mission-critical when entering the ‘battlefield’ with your competitors or negotiating with your suppliers or customers. Our experts are ready and waiting to clarify the fine print and take up your defence in Belgian and EU competition law matters.

Follow the right rules and regulations

Let us guide you in the right direction. Whether you are the market leader defending your fair share or a newcomer in a tough sector, sound legal advice is mission-critical when it comes to Belgian and EU competition law. Whether the competition authorities are knocking on your door for an unannounced cartel inspection or whether you want to set up an antitrust-compliant distribution system or cooperation with competitors, our experts will show you the way out of the competition law maze.

We support a variety of customers from large multinationals to local Belgian businesses and we cover all aspects of competition law from merger control and foreign direct investment regulations and strategic alliance issues to antitrust investigations and procedures, IP licensing, state aid issues, antitrust damages claims, distribution contracts for both the physical and digital world.

How we can help


of dominant position(s)


litigation before the Belgian and European courts


proceedings before the Belgian and European competition authorities


during “dawn raids” and anti-trust investigations


in setting up and reviewing distribution agreements, technology transfer agreements, license agreements, joint ventures and other forms of horizontal and vertical co-operation agreements under antitrust rules




law compliance training and the implementation of competition law compliance programmes




control and merger filings with the Belgian and EU competition authority and the coordination of multi-jurisdictional filings


aid matters

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Our latest competition news

February 08, 2023

Brussels Court of Appeal rejects Carrefour’s request to suspend the Belgian Competition Authority’s decision authorising the concentration between Intermarché AB and Mestdagh, including Carrefour’s ‘gun-jumping’ argument

On 23 December 2022, the Brussels Court of Appeal (“Market Court”) rejected Carrefour Belgium’s application for the suspension of the Belgian Competition Authority’s (“BCA”) decision of 9 November 2022 authorising the concentration between Intermarché AB (“ITM”) and Mestdagh. On 9 November 2022, the BCA had cleared the concentration between ITM and Mestdagh in the first […]

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January 30, 2023

The Belgian Competition Authority fines Novartis for abuse of collective dominance regarding eye disease medicines

The Belgian Competition Authority fines Novartis for abuse of collective dominance regarding eye disease medicines On 23 January 2018, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) handed down its judgment (C-179/16) in relation to Novartis’ Lucentis® and Roche’s Avastin® eye disease medicines, and ruled that disseminating misleading information on the off-label use of a medicine could constitute a restriction of competition ‘by object’. Exactly 5 years later, on 23 January 2023, the Belgian Competition Authority (“BCA”) imposed a fine on Novartis Pharma SA and Novartis AG (together “Novartis”) for abuse of collective dominance resulting from disseminating misleading information regarding risks in relation to the off label use of Roche’s Avastin®.

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June 29, 2022

Belgium takes important step in introducing Foreign Direct Investment screening

On 1 June 2022, Belgium’s Federal and various Regional governments entered into a draft cooperation agreement to introduce a mechanism for screening Foreign Direct Investments (“FDI”).

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