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The gusty winds off the North Sea…

According to the EU, Europe needs to be running on 32% renewable energy by 2030. Belgium, like its North Sea neighbours, takes wind energy and green renewals seriously. With planned capacity reaching 30% of total national consumption by 2027, Belgium already ranks 5th worldwide in terms of installed wind energy capacity. Add in the country’s abundant residential solar installations and Belgium has a decent renewal energy mix.

…make Belgium an exciting energy market

The open and competitive green energy market in Belgium is good news for companies and consumers alike – even if there are questions about offshore rights, wind farms’ noise emissions, and energy development subsidies. With different regional policies and fluctuating regional, national and EU regulations, the Belgian energy market remains an exciting place to do business; and at ALTIUS, our in-the-know legal experts are here to help with all the angles.

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before the ordinary courts, the Council of State (the highest administrative court in Belgium) and before the Constitutional Court


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Our latest energy & utilities news

June 25, 2021

FAQ for employers: Installing electric charging stations at an employee’s home residence.

The installation of electric charging station at an employee’s home residence triggers some practical questions, both from an employment and a regulatory perspective. We listed and answered them for you in the below top 10 Q&A.

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April 24, 2021

The Belgian requirement to rely on recognized dockers to perform dock work passes the ECJ test… the recognition procedure of dockers does not

In a long-awaited court ruling, the ECJ confirmed on 11 February 2021 that the Belgian rules on dock work, obliging companies to have only recognised dockers carry out dock work in ports, does not necessarily constitute a violation of the free movement of workers, the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide services.

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March 16, 2021

Focus on social inspection audits in the construction sector…What to expect in 2021?

Last week, the Social Information and Investigation Service published its 2021 Action Plan revealing the inspection services’ strategy and top priorities for 2021. As over the last few years, the construction sector continues to be highly-targeted. We summarise what you can expect in 2021.

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