Webinar Video | Posting workers to Belgium: all you need to know

Webinar Video | Posting workers to Belgium: all you need to know
March 1, 2021

Belgium is one of the EU countries with the highest number of posted workers. However, foreign employers posting workers to Belgium and Belgian companies ‘receiving’ the foreign workers are often not fully aware of all immigration, employment, social security and tax consequences triggered by such a posting set-up.


What are the applicable employment terms and conditions to be complied with during a posting? Are there any mandatory registrations? What about social documents? Is the posting set-up acceptable given the stringent Belgian employee lending prohibition? What are the pitfalls to watch out for? And what if it goes wrong…? We answer these and other questions during this webinar that we organise together with our partner tax firm Tiberghien.

ALTIUS’ employment lawyers, Esther SoetensEmma Van Caenegem and Astrid Caporali, discuss this topic from an employment law and social security perspective, whilst Tiberghien’s HR tax specialist, Katrien Bollen, focuses on some tax aspects. They provide you with a line-up of the different obligations when posting workers to Belgium. To end with, they discuss a case that stems directly from their daily practice that demonstrates how the rules should be applied and what happens if things are not correctly managed.

The topics that are dealt with during this webinar include:

  • What is posting?
  • Under what circumstances can a posting set-up become problematic?
  • What is the applicable employment legislation during a posting period?
  • What about the Belgian Posted Workers Act?
  • How do I know whether the salary paid to the posted workers meets the Belgian requirements?
  • Do I have to register posted workers?
  • Do I have to issue the usual Belgian pay slips during a posting?
  • What about the applicable tax and social security regime?
  • An analysis of a practical case study


  • Esther Soetens


  • Emma Van Caenegem


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