Meet Jan Clinck

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Jan specialises in various aspects related to data protection and new technologies in different sectors such as health, media and retail. He also has a profound knowledge of ICT, e-commerce and intellectual property.

Jan has built up solid experience in litigation related to these matters both before the courts and the data protection supervisory authority. Jan is also a scientific collaborator at the Universiteit Antwerpen. In this capacity he gives guest lectures on e-commerce and data protection law.

Jan regularly speaks at conferences and also gives webinars on the latest evolutions in the field of data protection.

  • Master of Laws (University of Antwerp)
  • Master of ICT Law (Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix de Namur)
  • Summer school in Cyberlaw (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Post-master “coding for lawyers” (University of Antwerp)
  • Jan is fluent in Dutch, French and English
Selection of publications
  • “The European Health Data Space Proposal: A First Look at the Newest Piece of the EU Data Sharing Puzzle”, EHPL 2022, Afl. 2, 87-94. (co-authored with Q. Fontaine). 
  • Noot Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit 6 mei 2021 (beslissing 57-2021), Computerrecht 2020, Afl. 5,  467-471
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  • “Onrechtmatige bedingen in contracten betreffende het gebruik van de cloud” in R. Steennot en G. Straetmans (eds.), Digitalisering van het recht en consumentenbescherming, Intersentia, Antwerpen, 2019, 37-75
  • J. Clinck, “Procedurele mogelijkheden onder het Belgisch gegevensbeschermingsrecht na de AVG”, Computerrecht 2019, Afl.2, 78-95
  • “Het recht om (digitaal) vergeten te worden erkend door het Hof van Cassatie” (noot onder Cass. 29 april 2016), TBH 2017, afl. 2, 214-221
  • “Verdere verduidelijkingen van het Hof van Justitie over de aansprakelijkheid van aanbieders van doorgeefluik-diensten” (noot onder HvJ 15 september 2016), Auteurs&Media 2016, afl. 3, 260-264
  • “Online exhaustion of IP rights (Belgium)” in B. Kilpatrick, P. Kobel, P. Këllezi (eds.), Compatibility of Transactional Resolutions of Antitrust Proceedings with Due Process and Fundamental Rights & Online Exhaustion of IP Rights, Springer, 2016, 507-532. (with B. Docquir)
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What our clients say about us

“Jan Clinck – really valued his approach and flexibility.” – Legal 500, 2024

“Jan Clinck is noted for its capabilities in data protection litigation.” – Legal 500, 2022

Jan Clinck is mentioned as “key lawyer” for not-for-profit – Legal 500, 2022.