Help… am I still up-to-date with the current trends in labour law?

Help… am I still up-to-date with the current trends in labour law?
November 10, 2023

In our ongoing commitment to provide you with valuable legal insights and keep you up-to-date, it has become a tradition within the ALTIUS’ Employment Team during the last month of the year to present an overview of the year’s most important employment law developments and to preview what to expect next year.

So far this year – to name just a few – there’s been new legislation on discrimination and harassment, the entering into force of the Belgian Whistleblowing Act, and new legislation concerning resignation and dismissal. Also, the labour courts have been busy producing interesting new case law.

During our webinar, we will guide you through 2023’s highlights, so that you can start 2024 well-prepared and fully-informed.

PROGRAMME (12.30 pm – 2 pm) 

In the webinar, our team of experienced employment law experts will give a comprehensive overview of the most crucial developments that have shaped the employment law landscape over the past year. We will discuss recent court decisions, regulatory updates, and their implications for your business. Additionally, we will explore anticipated legislative changes and provide insights into how they might affect your organisation in the coming year.

In particular, we will address topics including:

  • Key changes concerning discrimination and harassment: new discrimination grounds, new forms of discrimination and the protection of ‘informal’ witnesses, the obligation for companies with more than 50 employees to appoint a person of trust
  • New developments concerning dismissal: new rules regarding resignation, additional protection against dismissal, the Supreme Court’s interesting case law, and an update on the cumulation of protection indemnities for employment termination
  • Lessons learned from the case law concerning dismissal motivation
  • Whistleblowing: the first practical challenges
  • Holidays: the option for employees to take-up their holidays at a later time if they fall ill during a planned holiday
  • The Equal Pay Directive: what can be expected?
  • ESG in a nutshell

Emma Van Caenegem and Mieke D’hanis will be your hosts during our Dutch session, whilst Astrid Caporali and Alexandre Calain will guide you through our French session.


Tuesday 12 December 2023, from 12.30 pm until 2 pm (Dutch session).

Wednesday 13 December 2023, from 12.30 pm until 2 pm (French session).


This is an online event. 

The link to participate in the webinar will be sent to registered participants a few days in advance.


This event is free of charge. For more information, please contact ALTIUS Marketing on +32 2 426 14 14 or

Your hosts

  • Emma Van Caenegem


  • Mieke D’hanis


  • Alexandre Calain


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