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Agri & Food stakeholders require knowledgeable and fully-fledged support

Agri & Food is a sector that is looked at with great interest by the general public. It is constantly in development, not only in terms of its underpinning innovation, but also in terms of legislation and regulatory compliance, which can be ‘a hard nut to crack’.

Agri & Food stakeholders therefore require knowledgeable and fully-fledged support.

Due to its in-depth specialisation, our Life & Health team has built-up a reputation as the ‘cream of the crop’ in the Agri & Food sector. It has represented various national and international food, feed and drink producers, agri-biotech companies, plant and animal breeders and industry associations.

The team is particularly renowned for its experience in Belgian and EU regulatory compliance, which is a field of growing legal complexity. Incorporating specialist expertise in various legal disciplines that affect the sector, it also advises on contentious and transactional aspects of intellectual property (mainly patents and plant variety rights), competition law, product liability, capital markets, corporate finance, and M&A. Its members are furthermore active and respected protagonists before the Belgian and EU courts.

Through active membership in various Agri & Food associations, both legal and industry-driven, our Life & Health team has built-up a highly functional network that offers us the opportunity to call on third party expertise when needed. Members of the team also regularly speak at industry events, and publishes articles in leading Belgian and international law reviews and industry magazines. The most burning topics are discussed by internal and external Agri & Food specialists at our annual Agri-Food Law Seminar in Brussels.

A ‘taste’ of our experience includes:

  • Agricultural law
  • Competition
  • Consumer protection
  • Designations of origin and geographical indications
  • Dispute resolution
  • EU and Belgian regulatory affairs
  • Food safety
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Inspections and withdrawal of products
  • Intellectual property advice and enforcement
  • Labelling and advertising
  • New breeding techniques
  • Product liability

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