Kirian Claeyé

Kirian Claeyé

Intellectual Property & Dispute Resolution 

Dutch, English and French

Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 2010

Kirian specialises in intellectual property and regulatory affairs, with a particular focus on the life sciences sector. His IP work includes complex patent litigation, often involving cross-border issues, and support and advice in respect of IP portfolio management. His regulatory work spans the fields of clinical trials, launch and marketing strategies, pricing and reimbursement, tendering and life-cycle management.

Kirian obtained a Master in Law degree magna cum laude at the Universiteit Gent. After three years of IP practice, Kirian acquired additional international experience through postgraduate studies (LL.M) at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, where he also obtained the Law and Technology Certificate.

Kirian is actively involved in the Young European Patent Lawyers Association (EPLAW), and is also a member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES). He regularly speaks at conferences and seminars, and organizes the annual ALTIUS Life Sciences Seminar.

Kirian is also a member of the Boalt Hall Alumni Association. Additionally, he regularly speaks at conferences and seminars.

Selection of publications

“Belgian Constitutional Court annuls new export prohibition for full-line wholesalers but new legislative proposals are already put forward”, ALTIUS Life & Health Blog, 25 October 2019 (with J. Swennen)

“Incentives and public procurement in healthcare sector: be careful what you wish for!”, ILO Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences, 23 October 2019 and ALTIUS Life & Health Blog, 14 October 2019 (with J. Gaul)

“New rules to deal with unavailability of medicinal products in Belgium”, ALTIUS Life & Health Blog, 23 May 2019 (with J. Swennen)

“Drastic times call for ex parte interim measures”, ILO Newsletter: Intellectual Property, 18 March 2019 and ALTIUS Life & Health Blog, 22 February 2019 (with L. Truyens).

“Anti-tampering devices : fading boundaries of parallel trade”, ILO Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences, 6 February 2019 and ALTIUS Life & Health Blog, 25 January 2019 (with L. Traest);

“Evoluties in het octrooirecht – Overzicht van rechtspraak 2014-2018”, TBH-RDC 2018, 747-798 (with P. de Jong and C. Ronse).

“Maximale rechtsplegingsvergoeding mogelijk op de schop”, De Juristenkrant 2016, pp. 1-3 (with T. De Jaeger).

“Rechtsplegingsvergoeding in IE-zaken : gaat het dak eraf?”, 20 september 2016.

"GMO trial gets green light despite formal invalidity", ILO Newsletter: Intellectual Property, 8 May 2013. (co-author).

"Enantiomers and race-mates: the same product?", ILO Newsletter: Intellectual Property, 5 December 2011. (co-author).

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