Webinar Video | Retail Law Series 1: Webshops: are you compliant?

Webinar Video  | Retail Law Series 1: Webshops: are you compliant?
October 22, 2020

Would you like to be sure that your existing Webshop still complies with Belgian law? Do you think about the future of your company and would like to sell your products or services online but you are “lost” in the mass of legal obligations? 

  • Manon Verbeeren gives you an overview of the legal obligations to comply with Intellectual Property rights when developing a Webshop.
  • Mathieu Maniet goes through the mandatory information and documents that your webshop must provide, as well as the technical and legal requirements for placing an online order.
  • Charlotte Vermeersch explains how to deal with possible disputes after a transaction through the webshop.

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