ALTIUS Webinars | IP Update

ALTIUS Webinars | IP Update
June 1, 2023 13:30

Although a company has a great deal of freedom to develop or select the products and services it wishes to market as well as the way it would like to present and/or promote them, such freedom is not absolute. Such freedom is subject to limitations and is often balanced against other freedoms and rights of others, including intellectual property rights and fair competition principles.

Join Sophie Lens and Nicolas Clarembeaux on 1st June for a (virtual) lunch (or a coffee break if you have already had an early lunch), to find out, among other things: 

  • the conditions under which your company is allowed to refer to third party marks or to what extent your company may oppose the referential use of its own marks 
  • the sometimes-blurry boundaries between ‘honest practices’ in commercial matters and ‘unfair practices’, as well as the impact it may have on product development and advertising campaigns
  • some limits that should not be crossed when using humour in commercial communications
  • some points for attention when your company develops a new trade dress for its products or seeks to protect goodwill vested in ‘look & feel’ features
  • the conditions under which environmental claims can be made or challenged

To ensure your attention doesn’t collapse during digestion time, Sophie and Nicolas will address these different issues from a very practical angle by using case-law examples. They will ask for your participation by giving you the opportunity to benchmark your own opinion against the wisdom of our courts when confronted with questions of the referential use of third-party distinctive signs, misleading or comparative advertising, the use of humour in advertising, etc.

This webinar will be in English and has been accredited with 1 point by the IBJ/IJE.

We look forward to virtually meeting you soon!

Your hosts

  • Sophie Lens


  • Nicolas Clarembeaux