Help! The social elections 2024 are close now… so be fully prepared!

Help! The social elections 2024 are close now… so be fully prepared!
August 17, 2023 September 12, 2023 12:30

The next Social Elections will take place between 13 and 26 May 2024. If this period still seems far away, then a first set of written information should already be provided to the representative bodies and to the employees by as early as mid-December 2023 as a first step in the election procedure. So, the time has come to start preparing the elections and to start making stategic choices now, especially if your company is close to the threshold of 50 or 100 employees.

Do X-60 and Y+45 only sound like maths to your ears? Then this webinar is just the thing for you!

We will provide a brief and comprehensive overview of the important steps in the Social Elections’ procedure and will focus on some of the “dos and don’ts”, both during the (preparation of the) election process and on the election day itself as well as on some practical issues.

PROGRAMME (12.30 pm – 2 pm) 

Esther Soetens and  Valérie Schouteden will fill you in on the “ins and outs” of the social elections during our Dutch session, whilst Philippe De Wulf and Thomas Gellaerts will be your hosts during our French session.

In particular, they will discuss the following topics:

  • How must the so-called ‘technical business unit (TBU)’, i.e. the level at which the Works Council and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW) must be established, be determined?
  • How must the number of employees be calculated to determine whether or not the threshold of 100 employees (Works Council) or 50 employees (CPPW) is met?
  • Which employees will be regarded as high level executive personnel who represent the employer and are excluded from voting? 
  • Which employees can vote and which employees can present themselves as candidates? What about temporary agency workers? 
  • What are the milestone dates in the election process and what action is expected from employers? What’s new for the 2024 elections compared to the previous elections of 2020? 
  • What is the impact of contemplated restructurings or mergers on the social elections process? 
  • What is the so-called ‘hidden protection period’ and when does this period start?


Tuesday 12 September 2023, from 12.30 pm until 2 pm (Dutch session).

Thursday 14 September 2023, from 12.30 pm until 2 pm (French session).


This is an online event. 

The link to participate in the webinar will be sent to registered participants a few days in advance.


This event is free of charge. For more information, please contact ALTIUS Marketing on +32 2 426 14 14 or

Your speakers

  • Philippe De Wulf


  • Esther Soetens


  • Thomas Gellaerts


  • Valérie Schouteden


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