Valérie Struye is ALTIUS’ first non-lawyer General Manager

Valérie Struye is ALTIUS’ first non-lawyer General Manager
June 13, 2022

A unique combination of legal and management experience that responds to the evolution of the legal world and the needs of the market

ALTIUS, the leading Belgian law firm, has appointed Valérie Struye as its General Manager. This is the first time that the firm will not be headed by a lawyer. Valérie Struye succeeds Sylvie Dubois, managing partner and one of the firm’s founding members. Valérie Struye’s appointment will enable the firm to strengthen its professionalism and to continue to meet the expectations of its clients and staff.

This appointment reflects ALTIUS’ desire to innovate. The model in which an experienced lawyer becomes a managing partner is very common in the legal services industry, but is not without its drawbacks: lawyers who run a firm have less time for project management and legal practice. The industry is constantly evolving, and with it the needs of clients and staff; they are increasingly critical and better informed and expect more efficient processes. A fresh perspective, and a genuine commitment to clients and innovative solutions are therefore essential for successful business management.

Attracting a professional with no legal background to the position of General Manager may seem like a bold choice, but it is clear that at ALTIUS we like to approach things differently. We constantly challenge ourselves and like to rely on external talent, complementary know-how and professional experience. We therefore welcome Valérie. Her added value is undoubtedly her expertise in marketing and business management. This will allow our lawyers to focus on their core business.”, says Alexander Hansebout, ALTIUS board member.

An experienced manager

Valérie Struye has gained extensive experience in the FMCG sector as a marketing director, business unit director and strategy director. She has been a member of the Mars management committee in Belgium for more than 10 years and has held international positions. In addition to her proven marketing, business strategy and management skills, she is passionate about leadership and people development.

With more than 30 years of corporate experience, I intend to breathe new life into ALTIUS and boost its development with the help of the entire team. Thanks to the abundance of internal knowledge, this will most certainly succeed.”, assures Valérie Struye, General Manager of ALTIUS.

Farewell to Sylvie Dubois

Valérie Struye succeeds Sylvie Dubois, who will soon leave the firm. She was one of the firm’s founding members and worked for 27 years as a specialist in employment law, followed by 6 years as managing partner. She has laid the foundations for the firm’s further development.

It is with peace of mind that I will hand over the reins on 1 July to Valérie, whom I am currently assisting in the transition. I am firmly convinced of the strategic choice of ALTIUS, which fully meets the needs of a modern law firm. I wish Valerie and ALTIUS good luck. Personally, I am looking forward to a new and interesting challenge.”, concludes Sylvie Dubois.


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