Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental sustainability, social well-being and a thriving community… at ALTIUS, we strive to align our operations with these core values. A dedicated sustainability task force, composed of staff and lawyers, pushes our engagement forward, inspiring everyone in the team to contribute.

Join us as we share our sustainability initiatives.


In an era where environmental challenges are increasingly pressing, ALTIUS, as a forward-thinking law firm, is stepping up to contribute to positive change, which is why we have dedicated teams in our task force that focus on energy, mobility, and waste and procurement.

Through innovative initiatives, we strive to set an example for the legal industry.

It is no coincidence that our offices are located within the sustainable building that is the Royal Depot on the Tour & Taxis site. The Tour & Taxis site has been built with sustainable construction methods and materials, including photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, geothermal energy, and recycled materials. We monitor our energy consumption and are taking steps to reduce waste and energy usage. For instance, we have eliminated plastic cups from our water fountains and replaced plastic water bottles in our meeting rooms with glass bottles. We use FSC® or PEFC™ certified paper from sustainably managed forests.

Mobility is another focus area for ALTIUS. Located in the heart of Brussels, we promote eco-friendly transportation options. Our office is easily accessible by public transport, and there is a free shuttle service between Brussels North Station and the Tour & Taxis site. Furthermore, we provide secure bicycle parking and shower facilities to encourage alternative commuting methods. We actively engage with the site’s property owner to develop communication campaigns and awareness initiatives for sustainable mobility throughout the entire site.

To ensure that our procurement choices are environmentally responsible, we are developing guidelines that encompass daily supplies, IT equipment, and event organisation.

We are also very pleased to participate in activities concerning the environment organised by the Brussels Bar, such as the “Bar Forest”, an initiative to plant 3100 square metres of forest (775 trees) in the northern part of Belgium.


At ALTIUS, we foster a culture of diversity and inclusion that respects and values every individual. Openness, transparency, and mutual respect are embedded in our work environment. We believe that embracing diversity enhances our workplace, encourages innovative thinking, and helps us collectively thrive.

As a founding member of the Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (LDIA), we actively contribute to promoting and implementing best practices in diversity and inclusion within the legal field. ALTIUS has been led by female managing partners and a General Manager (GM) for over 17 years and counting. We organise workshops and debates, fostering awareness and understanding among our team members. Recently, we held a workshop on unconscious bias to deepen our understanding and reinforce our commitment to inclusivity.

We also recognise the importance of work-life balance. Our firm is known for its vibrant and healthy work environment, and we organise various social activities throughout the year. From monthly after-work events and holiday celebrations to an annual weekend retreat and a special family event: we create opportunities for our colleagues to connect and build meaningful relationships. Sports and exercise also play a significant role in our well-being. Our ALTIUS Moves committee organises regular activities for both sports enthusiasts and those seeking a fun and active break.

Additionally, we collaborate with Google for the Google Legal Summer Institute (LSI), providing law school students who are underrepresented in the legal field with the opportunity to intern at our firm. This programme offers them valuable insights into private practice and helps bridge the diversity gap within the legal industry.

Our HR Manager, with the support of our Board and Partnership, leads our governance efforts. Offering work-from-home flexibility and a supportive work-hour structure, we enable our lawyers to harmonise their professional and personal lives effectively.

Furthermore, we understand that education is a ‘lifelong journey’. Therefore, we provide continuous learning and development opportunities for our people. Our internal training programme, the ALTIUS Academy, offers comprehensive legal training, as well as a wide range of personal and business skill development sessions.


Our law firm recognises that our responsibility extends beyond the courtroom, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve and are surrounded by. With a deep-seated belief in social responsibility, we actively contribute to the various social initiatives and (local) community-building endeavours that we carefully select.

As longstanding partners of the Legal Run and De Warmste Week, we raise funds for charities while embracing physical activity. The Legal Run brings together Brussels-based law firms as a united team in the annual Brussels 20km running event to support selected charitable causes. During De Warmste Week, organised by VRT, the public broadcaster, and local radio stations to contribute to charitable initiatives throughout the last week before Christmas, we organise various fundraising events, and our team members actively participate in the Warmathon and other activities.

Through our partnership with Cunina, an association dedicated to improving access to quality education in partner countries, we proudly support five young girls in Uganda as their ‘godmother’. We are committed to making a lasting difference in their lives and fostering educational opportunities.

Join us in creating positive change and making a meaningful impact on society!

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