WEBINAR VIDEO | AI in the workplace


Philippe De Wulf, Esther Soetens and Louis-Dorsan Jolly discuss this topic using some videos that show the potential but also the pitfalls of this new technology.

Digital Law Series 8 YT

Artificial intelligence is developing fast and is increasingly incorporated in HR tools used for, amongst other things, recruiting and performance management. AI certainly increases efficiency and reduces the burden on management and employees, but at the same time, it entails a number of potential risks, such as biased decision-making, privacy breaches, transparency and liability issues.

They elaborate on the key issues, which include:

- Privacy and data protection issues with AI and automated decision-making.

- Discrimination issues when ‘machines’ or algorithms’ make decisions.

- Who will be liable for accidents or damages due to AI-made decisions: the robot, the designer, the employer, the employee?

- Do employee representative bodies need to be informed and consulted when introducing AI in the workplace?

- Can a robot give instructions to employees?

- Ethics in AI.


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