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Anticipating quickly to different mobility challenges

The world is changing, and so is the world of Mobility. The entire way people, goods, companies and services “travel” through the world / from one point to another is rapidly changing.

The evolutions and innovations, driven by a series of technological and social trends, are numerous. Automated and driverless vehicles are being developed and bring questions on liability and insurance along. Mobility offered as a service and remote diagnostics raise issues of access to data, privacy and cybersecurity.  Vehicles and other transportation modes are getting electrical and/or a lot “greener”. Employees will now be able decide on their own Mobility and choose for “cash for cars” or an individual Mobility budget.

At ALTIUS, and within the Mobility team in particular, we are looking with interest to these evolutions and innovations from a legal perspective. We know it is vital to anticipate quickly to the different challenges.

While new market segments and innovative companies are being formed, new regulations are being formulated, we constantly aim to keep ourselves informed. We keep an eye on the new developments and initiatives, in order to maintain in-depth sector knowledge and provide you with appropriate hands-on and commercially sound advice, advising on the letter of the law while also making practical, creative suggestions to help you develop your business.

Our Mobility team is a strong multi-disciplinary team organised in a matrix-like structure. The team combines experienced specialists from different departments who focus on the Mobility sector. The practice covers the whole spectrum of legal issues confronting the industry, including matters involving: labour; real estate; logistics; IP protection; data protection and e-commerce; advertising; competition and regulatory compliance; M&A and joint ventures; and other commercial issues.  By doing so, our team is able to take into account a variety of risks, effects and opportunities that cut across the different areas of law.

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