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Numerous risks and challenges in the retail and consumer goods industry

The pressure on margins, e-commerce growth, brand counterfeiting, intense competition, volatility in commercial real estate markets, supply chain disruptions; these are some of the numerous risks and challenges that the retail and consumer goods industry currently faces.

ALTIUS has developed a strong multi-disciplinary retail and consumer goods practice covering the whole legal spectrum, including: IP protection; data protection and e-commerce; advertising; franchising; competition and regulatory compliance; M&A and joint ventures; labour; real estate; and other commercial issues.

In the last few years, our Retail, Logistics and Mobility team has deepened our relations with our clients in the clothing, accessories, footwear, luxury goods, (fast) food, beverages, confectionary, snacks and consumer electronics industries. Our clients vary in size and complexity from small, exclusive high street shops to large Belgian and international chains.

Actively engaging with the different players in the retail and consumer goods field, both inside and outside industry conferences, our team is familiar with the ‘ins and outs’ of this sector. We are together with you through the whole retail process.

Our team regularly speaks at industry events and we sit on the boards of industry organisations. We contribute to various leading publications and have a close relationship with regulators and operators, which has given us our specialist reputation in this field. Of particular interest is our proactive membership of the Belgian Franchising Federation. ALTIUS also sponsors the Belgian Luxembourg Council of Shopping Centers.


A taste of our experience

  • Advertising, marketing and promotion
  • B2B rules on unlawful contractual terms and conditions, abuse of economic dependence and unfair market practices
  • Commercial agreements (sale, lease, supply and purchase agreements, (selective) distribution, franchising, agency, joint venture agreements, commercial cooperation agreements, license agreements, OEM agreements, (joint) development agreements, etc.)
  • Competition and regulatory issues
  • (Collective) consumer claims
  • Cross-border recovery of (distressed) debt and insolvency
  • Data protection and e-commerce
  • Dispute resolution, including class actions, product liability, recall and tort liability
  • Employment and labour relations
  • IP and brand protection issues
  • Logistics
  • M&A, joint ventures, strategic alliances and corporate structures
  • Real estate and property matters (acquisition and commercial leases)


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