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Challenging the global energy & infrastructure revolution

Whether it is the rise of renewable energy, carbon reduction, competitive market pressure, regulatory developments, geopolitical risks or population growth, the energy & infrastructure industry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and fast-developing in our economy.

At ALTIUS, we take up the challenges posed by the global energy revolution from a legal perspective. The law relevant to energy embraces nearly every substantive area of law, and is subject to ongoing changes resulting from economic, regulatory and technological stimuli. Adept legal service for the energy sector requires an overarching understanding of a multitude of legal and business issues.

Our Energy team focuses particularly on the major challenges for the Belgian energy market from an EU perspective:

  • Transposing the ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package;
  • Nuclear exit;
  • New developments in renewable energy;
  • Initiatives regarding smart grids and demand response;
  • Initiatives for a capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM).

Our Energy team is multidisciplinary. It combines experienced energy regulatory specialists with accomplished lawyers from other departments who equally focus on the energy sector. Our team is able to take into account a variety of risks, effects and opportunities that cut across the different areas of law.

Access to proper infrastructure to physically organize our society is essential. We need hospitals, schools, airports, train stations, sports facilities and other public infrastructure to provide services, education, care and development to people. Moving people and goods is an essential element of doing business and a driver of our economy. Both elements require a continuous investment to improve, expand and maintain our infrastructure in roads, waterways, railroads and even digital highways.

We provide excellent legal support in order to ensure that permits are obtained, the rules of public procurement are applied, the financing is put in place and the construction consortium is well guided on all legal aspects in the complex maze of legal aspects from the first designs of an infrastructure project up to its realization.

As we also support our construction companies and banks in infrastructure projects in new economies, we constantly improve our expertise and understand very well our role in a project team. Our pragmatism and solution driven approach is the result of know how and mindset.

It is our mission to translate all legal risks into creative legal solutions for real life energy & infrastructure matters. Our team enters into a permanent dialogue with you and will be next to you in identifying the opportunities and issues that might arise in the future. We value the relationship with our client. Dialogue, collaboration and alignment are key for us.


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Clients praise for the ALTIUS Energy & Infrastructure team

ALTIUS is praised by clients for its ‘practical and operational approach,’ coupled with its:

To the point and practical advice.

Legal 500, 2021

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