Your personal Covid calendar (‘after suspension’)

Your new election day will be:

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Original Election day: New Election day:
Written information by the employer, start consultation X-60
Announcement of the decisions of the employer X-35
Start of the occult protection period of the candidates X-30
Appeal before the labour tribunal against the decisions of the employer or the absence thereof X-28
Judgment of the labour tribunal about the appeal X-5
Information to the employees announcing, amongst others, the date of the elections X
Appeal against the information to the employees X+7
If no opposition, final closure X+8
In case of opposition, decision + information in case of changes X+14
In case of opposition, appeal before labour tribunal against decision or absence of decision X+21
If no opposition nor appeal, final closure X+22
Decision of the labour tribunal re the appeal + information in case of changes and final closure X+28
Filing of the candidates list with the employer X+35
At earliest, decision to terminate election procedure because of lack of candidates X+36
Allotment of list numbers by the employer for lists which do not have a number yet X+39
Information of candidate lists by the employer to the employees (incl. reference to the 'moral' obligation to vote) X+40
Appointment of the presidents of the voting booths and their replacements X+40
Opposition with the employer against the candidate lists and withdrawal of the candidate X+47
Communication of opposition to trade unions or 'executives' (kaderleden/cadres), that have filed a list, by the employer X+48
If no opposition, appeal of the employer against candidate lists X+52
Possible changes to candidate lists X+54
Appointment of members of voting bureaus X+54
Posting of changed candidate lists X+56
Agreement about voting per letter X+56
Posting of composition of voting bureaus and division of voters per bureau X+60
Appeal before labour tribunal against candidate lists for which opposition was filed X+61
Decision of labour tribunal re appeal of the employer against candidate lists for which no opposition was made X+66
Appointment of witnesses of voting process X+70
Decision of labour tribunal re appeal against candidate lists for which opposition was filed X+75
Replacement of candidates Y-14
Final closure of candidate lists and posting by employer of (changed) candidate lists Y-13
Update of voting lists Y-13
Possible changes to election procedure Y-11
Handing over and/or sending of voting letters Y-10
In case of voting per letter, handing over and/or registered letter of voting letters and voting ballots Y-10
Sending of registered voting letters in case of no proof of receipt by the employee of the voting letter Y-8
Voting, counting and sending of minutes Y
Handing over to the employer of documents used for elections Y+1
Posting of results or cessation by employer Y+2
Appeal before labour tribunal against election results Y+15
Last posting day of messages and lists (except election results) Y+17
Last day for keeping the documents used for the elections Y+25
First meeting of WC or CPPW if no appeal Y+45
Decision of labour tribunal re appeal of Y + 15 against election results Y+69
Higher appeal at labour court against decision of labour tribunal Y+84
Last posting day of election results and message re place where documents can be consulted Y+86
Decision of labour court re higher appeal of Y + 84 Y+144

If a certain date in your election calendar falls on a Sunday or on a day on which your company usually does not work (i.e. an inactivity day such as a Saturday), then the action must take place, at the latest, on the day before that Sunday or usual rest day. There are however two exceptions: (i) if the deadline for lodging an appeal with the labour court falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, then the deadline is postponed to the next working day; (ii) if the employer receives notification of the replacement of a candidate on a Sunday or inactivity day and it is thus impossible for the company to post the final list of candidates on the eve of receipt of this replacement, then the employer will be allowed to post this list on the next normal working day.

This calendar was drawn up on the basis of the opinion of the National Labour Council (NLC) of 24 March 2020 and is therefore subject to any subsequent amendments that may be made to these directives of the NLC during the legislative process.

Altius is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the content of this electoral calendar, but cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of this overview.