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Council of State renders negative advice on the draft federal bill regarding sports agents

The Belgium Council of State has recently struck down the eagerly awaited draft federal law bill intended to regulate the sports agent profession.

Yuga Wang Barred from playing an arrangement of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in Europe

In October 2018, the pianist Yuja Wang and the percussionnist Martin Grubinger were forced to cancel upcoming concerts in Dortmund and Luxembourg, where they had intended to perform their arrangement…

Commercial space in a hotel: Don’t get trapped in a commercial lease

The ground floor of many hotels provides room for retail space that can be let to businesses complimentary to the hotel: jewellery, car renting, floral shop, (luxury) clothing, etc. A…

Can drivers spend their regular weekly rest period in the transport vehicule?

Following a Belgian Council of State preliminary ruling request, the CJEU ruled on 20 December 2017 that, in accordance with the text of Regulation No 561/2006, a driver may not…

Geo-Blocking Regulation: what to expect?

“Geo-blocking” is a phenomenon whereby companies refuse a sale to a customer based on geographical factors such as their nationality or location. Common geo-blocking practices are the denial of access…

Employment pitfalls for work at offshore sites in Belgium’s Exclusive Economic Zone

More and more platforms are being constructed and installed in Belgium’s exclusive economic zone (or EEZ). Employing workers assigned to such offshore projects triggers complex questions regarding the applicable employment,…

EU Court of Justice to decide on the legality of the lifetime extension of the Doel 1 and 2 Power Stations

EU Advocate General has taken the view that EU legal provisions concerning environmental assessments have been infringed. However, this opinion does not necessarily mean that the Doel 1 and Doel…

Blockchain & GDPR: 2 simultaneous buzzwords

Blockchain technology has been receiving a lot of attention over the past few years, and more recently also from legal authors. It has been rightly said that blockchain raises several…

Your salary in bitcoin: reality or sci-fi?

Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency operated by a decentralised authority (and so not issued by any bank or government), is very much in the news. As a result, employees sometimes ask…

The contract law challenges of the Internet of Things

When we talk about the Internet of things (‘IoT’), it is self-driving cars and the consequent legal liability issues that immediately come to mind. But the IoT’s challenges are much…

Off-label use of medicines and competition law

The Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) issued a judgment on the interplay between medicines’ off-label use and competition law (Judgment of the Court of Justice of 23…

Express recognition and clarification of the protection of trade secrets in Belgium

On 30 July 2018, with a few weeks’ delay, the Belgian legislator transposed the EU Directive 2016/943 on trade secrets (hereafter, the “Directive”) by adopting the law on the protection…

Anti-tampering devices : fading boundaries of parallel trade?

On 9 February 2019, a legislative package aimed at fighting medicines falsifications will enter into force across the EU. Pharmaceutical companies will, among other things, be required to affix a…

E-sports: professional gamers as olympic medalists?

While previous generations engaged in endless discussions about whether chess should be considered as a ‘real sport’, today it is gaming that has become the subject of that same question.…

Obtaining work permit for athletes much easier now?

Until recently, non-EEA athletes wanting to work and stay in Belgium had to follow a double procedure. First, the future employer had to start a procedure at the regional level…

Stricter scrutiny of inactive companies

The legislature recently took steps to improve the follow-up monitoring of companies in financial difficulty and strengthen the fight against inactive companies. Companies that fail to pay their social security…

‘Freezing’ bank accounts across Europe: the European Account Preservation Order (EAPO)

Creditors have now obtained a new – and important – tool for ‘freezing’ their debtor’s bank accounts throughout Europe with one single order. EU Regulation 655/2014 of 15 May 2014…
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