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Carmen Verdonck elected President of the LIDC


Carmen Verdonck, Partner and head of our competition law practice, has been elected President of the International League of Competition Law / Ligue Internationale du Droit de la Concurrence (LIDC),  at the Budapest Congress, which took place from 4 to 7 October 2018.

“I am deeply honoured by the trust the LIDC has granted me. I am looking forward to fulfilling my position as President and to encouraging initiatives to support the continuous growth of the LIDC as a renowned association in the fields of competition law and intellectual property law” comments Carmen Verdonck.

The LIDC, with its registered office in Geneva and its administrative office in Lausanne, is a long standing and active international association, focusing on all aspects of competition law and intellectual property law. Comprised of lawyers and law professors, companies and official authorities operating in the field of commercial law, the LIDC offers the opportunity to exchange and develop ideas and knowledge on competition law and intellectual property law, in an international setting.

To meet these objectives the LIDC organises webinars, working groups and an annual meeting of its national members, to consider two or three questions concerning "hot topics" in the fields of competition law, intellectual property and unfair competition law. The international reporter for each question formulates an in-depth international report, having regard to national reports provided to him for this purpose. This then forms the basis of an intense discussion between experts drawn from industry and the legal community during the annual congress.  The next annual congress will be held in Paris 7-11 November 2019.

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