ALTIUS Lunch & Learn

ALTIUS a le plaisir d'organiser plusieurs séminaires Lunch & Learn dédiés au droit des affaires. Autour d'un lunch, notre objectif…
  • Employment

Whistleblowing employees soon to be protected against retaliation measures?

  On 7 October 2019, the EU Council approved the Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of…
  • Employment

Social elections 2020: Homeworkers can vote from their ‘home office’

More and more employees structurally work from home (with fixed homeworking days). Assuming the social elections date falls on an…
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Effect of EU preventive restructuring directive on Belgian insolvency framework

On 31 January 2009 the Belgian Business Continuity Act (BCA) was passed into law. The BCA'sobjective is to protect companies…
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Banking and Finance

The arrival of the UBO register or the "register of wealth" - what you need to know

The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 18 September 2017 (hereafter the “Belgian AML Act”), which transposes the fourth European Anti-Money Laundering…
  • Information and Communication Technology

ALTIUS invests heavily in legal tech

The first development is a scalable GDPR application that combines ALTIUS' expertise with the LeyQi automation tool

The Corporate Law seminar sessions

  The ALTIUS Corporate Law team has the pleasure to invite you to the CORPORATE LAW SEMINAR SESSIONS. On three…
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Licence to contract – licence agreements and insolvency law

In an insolvency situation, the fate of ongoing contracts is something to be discussed. Such contracts are often closely linked…
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Is ECJ jurisprudence torpedoing Belgian insolvency law?

One of the options under Belgian law for a company in financial difficulty is to receive protectionfrom its creditors and…
Bart Heynickx
  • Employment

Terminating a worker’s employment in 2019…is the employer obliged to offer an enhanced redeployment package?

The Unified Employment Status Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2014, provides for a general framework to increase…
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Effects of bankruptcy on spouses' personal debts

A previous article discussed the effects of a company's insolvency on its administrators (for further details please see The personal…
Bart Heynickx

Brexit: Summary of the draft Withdrawal Agreement

On 14 November 2018, UK and EU negotiators agreed on a draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from…
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Digital

The Kristoffersen ruling: EFTA targets athlete endorsement deals

In its 16 November 2018 judgment, the Court of Justice of the European Free Trade Association States (the EFTA Court)…
  • Employment

Termination clauses validly concluded before 1 January 2014 are enforceable for high-earning employees

In a recent milestone judgment, the Belgian Constitutional Court has ruled that a termination clause validly entered into with a…
  • Employment

Have you already drawn-up your annual action plan ?

As you will know, each employer must have a global prevention plan, i.e. a 5-year plan that includes the results…
  • Employment

Equity granted by a foreign parent company: recent developments

Shares and share related benefits granted by a foreign parent company: from now on always subject to social security contributions,…

Three ALTIUS lawyers promoted to Counsel

ALTIUS is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Counsel.
  • Employment

More flexible leave schemes in Belgium

Two new Belgian Acts have introduced increased flexibility with regard to parental leave, leave for medical assistance and palliative care.

Carmen Verdonck elected President of the LIDC

Carmen Verdonck, Partner and head of our competition law practice, has been elected President of the International League of Competition…
  • Intellectual Property

New milestone for Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property

On 1 June 2018 the long-awaited amendments to the Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property (BCIP) entered into force. Three aspects…
  • Competition

The Merger Control Review, Ninth Edition: Belgium

Carmen Verdonck and former ALTIUS associate Daniel Muheme have written the Belgian chapter in the Merger Control Review, ninth edition…
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Follow-up monitoring of companies in financial difficulty

The legislature recently took steps to improve the follow-up monitoring of companies in financial difficulty and strengthen the fight against…
Bart Heynickx
  • Insolvency and Restructuring

Personal bankruptcy of company administrators

In the past, administrators of commercial companies with limited liability (eg, NV/SA and BVBA/SPRL) were not seen as 'merchants' under…
Bart Heynickx
  • Dispute Resolution

The Brussels International Business Court

The Belgian government has introduced a draft bill in parliament to establish an English-speaking state court specialised in international disputes:…
  • Intellectual Property

Trademarks versus artistic freedom of expression: milestone referral for preliminary ruling

In a high-profile trademark infringement case involving Moët Hennessey Champagne Services (MHCS) – owner of the famous Champagne brand Dom…
Olivier Vrins and Jeroen Muyldermans

Marie Brasseur has been made Partner

ALTIUS has invited its experienced Corporate and M&A specialist Marie Brasseur into the firm’s equity partnership. Marie’s promotion highlights the…
  • Employment

Employment Newsletter June 2018

 Latest updates in Employment matters:  
  • Intellectual Property

The rule of neutralisation: all about Messi and Picasso

In Jaime Masferrer Coma vs Lionel Messi (Case T-554/14), the EU General Court concluded that – regardless of the identity…
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