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 WEBINAR | Help! How do I deal with the Labour Deal in my company? | 26-27 September 2022

Shortly before the summer, the Federal government reached a final agreement on the so-called “Labour Deal”, which was first announced in February 2022 and is a package of measures seeking to get more people into work and to achieve a better work-life balance for employees. In the meantime, a draft bill has been submitted to Parliament, which is expected to become effective in autumn 2022.

The most striking measure, which has also been discussed in the foreign media, is the four-day work week. But also other envisaged measures might cause you to review longstanding practices within your company, such as: a ‘transition path’ in which employees can already start working for another employer during their notice period, a long-awaited solution for the employees to have the right to devote 1/3rd of their notice period to redeployment activities, and new measures regarding training as well as the right to disconnect.

Esther Soetens and  Mieke D’hanis will guide you through the Labour Deal during our Dutch session, whilst Myriem Ahdach and Mathilde de Foestraets will be your hosts during our French session.

In particular, we will discuss the following four pillars contemplated under the Labour Deal:

  • Increased flexibility and better work-life balance (e.g. the 4-day work week, variable weekly working time, the right to disconnect);
  • Mandatory training of employees;
  • Improved protection for platform workers;
  • A more dynamic labour market (e.g. nightwork in e-commerce, the transition path, “employability-enhancing” measures for dismissed employees, measures for more diversity).


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