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ALTIUS Lunch & Learn 2020

 ALTIUS a le plaisir d'organiser plusieurs séminaires Lunch & Learn dédiés au droit des affaires en 2020. Autour d'un lunch, notre objectif est de vous permettre, dans une atmosphère conviviale, de mieux comprendre le cadre juridique relatif à divers sujets d'actualité.



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Digital Law Series


In recent months we have seen a wave of Belgian and European decisions and legal initiatives regarding digitalisation. As digitalisation affects all businesses, so do these legal developments. 

That is why ALTIUS is launching a Digital Law Series to keep you updated about this fast-changing legal landscape.

In case you missed a Webinar and would like to receive the slides, or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Employment Webinar | COVID-19 : After the lockdown, the gradual restart... What employers need to know!

The National Security Council has announced the long-awaited economic relaunch. This poses new challenges for employers with many practical questions arising. Do employees still have to work from home and how should it be organised? What health and safety measures need to be taken in the workplace and what is the impact for our work organisation? How do we make this work in practice? Can we still use the temporary unemployment scheme and, if so, how ? 

The ALTIUS Employment Team will answer these and other questions during a one hour practical webinar, on 7 and 8 May. 

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