Life at the office

Under the motto ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, we organize a lot of different activities at ALTIUS, ranging from the annual weekend away, to cooking together or training for the annual Brussels 20K run. Something for everyone! This is how we try to engage everyone in a bit of informal team building, along with keeping everyone’s mental ‘batteries’ fully charged to ensure a positive atmosphere in the office.

Let us ‘walk you through’ a typical year of such activities at ALTIUS.

There is no better start to the year than a little trip away. ALTIUS organises one weekend per year abroad in which everyone is welcome to join. One year it’s in January (destination = snow), the next year it will be in June (destination = sun). In 2020 we spent an amazing 4 days in Swedish Lapland, walking around with snow rackets under our shoes and taking dogsleigh trips with huskies.

This should keep our ‘batteries charged’ for quite some time, but ALTIUS does not stand still! A fun workshop on why sleep is so important and how you can improve your sleeping quality is just around the corner.

Next up is the Legal Run. All the enthusiastic sportspeople at our office are more than welcome to sign up for the Brussels 20K run. You can train on your own, or you can join the small training club that has been formed in the office; with everyone who signs up automatically being a ‘winner’ at ALTIUS!

This brings us to the summer. The sun puts the Marketing & HR departments in a ‘loving mood’, and so they have decided to bake pancakes for the whole office. Imagine this: the smell of freshly baked pancakes wafting through the offices and hallways, with the choice of at least 5 different toppings (anyone for Nutella, brown sugar or maple syrup? We’ve got it!) and the portions are unlimited. Filter out a few burnt pancakes and you’ve got a delicious start to the summer!

In the meantime, as Zoom meetings have been becoming ever more prominent, ALTIUS has decided to organise a workshop on how to improve online meeting skills. Do you want to know how to keep people on the other side of your computer interested? Are you sure about what body language to use? Then sign up for the workshop!

Right about now we are coming up to autumn. People are starting to need a break again, so we’ve organised an introduction to the art of Tai Chi, which is an easy way to include a break in your busy schedule.

During the end of the year, the activities pick up again. “De Warmste Week” fund-raising event is approaching rapidly, and we are taking plenty of initiatives for raising money: for example, we once again count on the ‘Sporty Spices’ amongst us to run during the ‘Warmathon’ and we set up a ‘Spaghettislag’.

Concluding the year properly can only be done in one way: with a Christmas party! Even if you’re not so much into parties, it is worth coming for the ‘Craziest Christmas Sweater Competition’ alone (hint: no one has ever managed to beat our former Managing Partner in this competition), and the ‘Cutest Baby Photo Competition’ is something too. Laughter guaranteed!

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