Discount promotions are now allowed again


Posted on Monday 4 May 2020 -6pm

The Belgian government has decided to repeal the prohibition that still applied to certain discount promotions as part of Belgium’s quarantine measures. The lifting of this prohibition applies from today, Monday 4 May 2020.

The prohibition has been in force since 18 March 2020 and followed events in which many people went to grocery shops before the start of the lockdown measures. Its objective was twofold: to preserve Belgium’s overall food product reserves, while preventing the spread of the coronavirus by limiting possible in-store gatherings of people.

As Belgium officially enters the first phase of its quarantine exit today, the Belgian government has decided to put a definitive end to the prohibition, which still applied for discount promotions that were not decided upon or were ongoing before 18 March 2020.

This lifting is confirmed by the new Ministerial Decree of Thursday 30 April 2020 (available here), which implements the first exit phase and does not anymore include any promotions prohibition.

The Ministerial Decree enters into force today and Belgian supermarkets are now thus free to make discount promotions again without any quarantine-related restrictions.

Do not hesitate to contact Pierre Antoine  or Gerrit Vandendriessche for further information.

The above information is merely intended as comment on relevant issues of Belgian law and is not intended as legal advice. Before taking action or relying on the comments and the information given, please seek specific advice on the matters that are of concern to you.

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