WEBINAR VIDEO | LIFE SCIENCES SESSION #3: ‘Trop is te veel’: what not to do in case of pricing of medicines?


Life Sciences Session 3 YT


The COVID-19 pandemic challenges companies and firms worldwide, and requires us all to adopt new proactive approaches. While COVID-19 prevents us from being together, our Life Sciences team takes the initiative to give you short, digestible and regular online Life Sciences Sessions. 

 Are you trying to see the wood for the trees when setting prices and arranging reimbursement for you medicines in Belgium? Is “the sky the limit” for your medicines’ prices? Or are you also wondering what all the fuzz is about the Commission’s decision towards Aspen?

  • Kirian Claeyé will guide you through the regulatory maze of pricing and reimbursement of medicines in Belgium.

  • Beatrijs Gielen and Nina Methens will clarify the European Courts’ approach towards excessive pricing under competition law, in particular in the pharma sector, and will discuss the long-awaited European Commission settlement decision in the Aspen case.


Kirian Claeyé

Managing Associate

Beatrijs Gielen

Managing Associate

Nina Methens


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