WEBINAR VIDEO | Retail Law Series 2 : The new B2B Act on abuse of economic dependence, unfair terms and unfair market practices


Are you familiar with the new law of 4 April 2019 that already impacts and is going to impact B2B contractual and commercial relationships even further in the near future?

Retail Law Series 2 YT


On the occasion of the entry into force of the section on unfair terms in business-to-business contracts as from 1 December 2020, we invite you to follow our second edition of our Retail law series on this topic. 

  • Mathieu Maniet gives you an overview of the new rules prohibiting unfair terms in B2B contracts.
  • Lauranne Truyens goes through the misleading or aggressive market practices that are now forbidden between undertakings.
  • Quentin Silvestre explains what is behind the new notion of “abuse of economic dependence” between undertakings.


Mathieu Maniet


Quentin Silvestre


Lauranne Truyens


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