Top law firms ALTIUS and Tiberghien join their sports expertise in ATFIELD

Top law firms ALTIUS and Tiberghien join their sports expertise in ATFIELD
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Brussels – The sports departments of full service law firm ALTIUS and the tax law firm Tiberghien have joined forces to establish a new legal service provider in the sports sector, ATFIELD. The Tier 1 firms, both with an important footprint in the sector, have created a single point of contact for the market.

Within ATFIELD, 12 dedicated lawyers will serve clients under the supervision of Sven Demeulemeester (ALTIUS), Grégory Ernes (ALTIUS) and Daan Buylaert (Tiberghien). ATFIELD will be the largest sports & legal service provider in Belgium.

ATFIELD will provide highly-specialised and sector-specific legal advice to athletes, teams and other stakeholders. ATFIELD’S areas of expertise include:

  • Sport & employment law;
  • Tax for athletes and teams;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Estate and career end planning;
  • Dispute resolution.

ATFIELD heralds an outspoken multidisciplinary approach, in which legal expertise is complemented with business advice, using benchmarking based on years of experience in the sector and communication management.

With ATFIELD, we are presenting ourselves as an important player in a European context”, says Grégory Ernes. “Our unique international network and long standing experience allows us to assist clients with the most complex cross-border legal issues. An absolute necessity in an ever more global sector.

The founding firms boast 20 years of experience and an impressive array of clients across the whole sector. The firms’ lawyers advise on a daily basis an important number of Belgian and foreign football clubs, assist foreign investors in acquiring clubs and are the trusted advisors of a large number of the Belgian Red Devils. Clients also include cyclists and cycle teams, Olympic athletes and sports federations. The collaboration between both firms makes ATFIELD a market leader in Belgium.

ATFIELD is the outcome of more than 10 years of intensive cooperation between the two sports departments” says Sven Demeulemeester. “Both departments have experienced, in Belgium, that high quality legal and tax advice in the sports sector was to be found within their own ranks. Hence, ATFIELD grew organically.” 

The lawyers at ATFIELD share the same resolute vision on integrity and ethics.” “Our code of ethics exceeds by far the applicable legal and professional conduct obligations. While unfortunately the blurring of standards seems to be the norm in the sector, we are uncompromising in upholding the required standards. We are lawyers – not agents.” concludes Daan Buylaert.


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